The Book of Me

If you’re wondering, my name is Anna. I recently just turned 13 on March 4th. I have a big brother named JD, which stands for James Dale, and he’s 16. My mom’s name is Jena and my dad’s name is James. I have 3 dogs. Bubba is a yellow black mouth cur. He’s the gentle giant. Katie is a black schnauzer. She barks at everything she hears, smells, or sees, but when she’s tired she can be as gentle as a lamb. Last but not least is our chocolate color standard poodle, Hershey. He can be a bit of a mess. He’s a pure bread and has a sad back story.

I love playing sports and I love to read, especially Greek mythology. I play almost every sport. This includes basketball, city league and school league, volleyball, softball, track and field, and a bit of tennis. I play post position in basketball because I’m 5 ft and 8 inches. I can shoot 3 points from almost half court. The next sport is volleyball. I just started my 7th grade year and I‘m really improving. My best position would probably be setter. Next is track and field. I do high jump, discus, and I run the one-hundred meter dash.. Lastly is softball. I love playing center field. Batting though, is probably my strongest ability in softball. When I hit the softball, the sound I hear sounds like lightning. These are the sports I love.

I LOVE to read. It builds my vocabulary and makes me independent. My favorite kind of books are Greek mythology. At the moment I‘m reading The Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan. They are a spectacular book series, and I keep wanting to read more and more. My friends call me a bit of a book worm because of that.

I also love to draw. Drawing is my passion. I express how I feel through drawing. I like to draw free-handed, because if I trace I basically just cheated myself and I‘m not getting better. I push myself to draw things that are difficult to make myself better as well as drawing free-handed. I also enjoy creative writing. Writing comes to me naturally, so I just write what’s on my mind.

Well, now you know about me. Hope you liked my essay as people say. Thanks for reading.

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  1. G’day Anna,
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