How Did This Happen?

On a clear sunny day in May, a wolf was running with a pair of shoes on. This wolf”s name was Thunder. Thunder didn’t know what was on his foot. He asked himself, “Why am I running with shoes on my feet? How did they get here?” Looking back to the past, he saw himself carrying a pair of sneakers in his mouth while running from the angry shoe store clerk. He set the pair of shoes down on the sidewalk after he had ran for a bit and put them on his back paws. Thunder remembered now why he had stolen the shoes. He wanted to be human. He wanted to be part of a human family that actually loved and cared about him. Thunder quickly tore the shoes off of his paws and placed them in a broken net on the beach. His human dreams were now crushed apart into a million pieces, because he realized that he had everything he needed and wanted right in front of him: his own family at home in the woods where he belonged.


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