A Dream to Arkansas

Spring break, a whole week off from school, is just around the corner. The perfect spring break would be sleeping in everyday, but that’s not what I’m going to do. I will be going to Hot Springs, Arkansas to camp with my family at Robin’s Lake. Swimming with my family and friends on a humid, spring day, is what I’m going to do. If it rains, then we’ll go to my mom’s friend’s house to see their family. I haven’t seen Will and his two younger brothers since I was about six or seven, and if I get to see him and his brothers again, I would be overwhelmed with joy. Also, if it doesn’t rain, we will still get to see Will and his brothers, so this will be the best spring break ever if I get to do this.

3 thoughts on “A Dream to Arkansas

  1. Well, I didn’t go to Hot Springs like I thought. But I did get to sleep in late and go to the movies. Maybe I will get to go to Hot Springs this summer or fall.

  2. Hi, Anna. My name is Mick. You left a comment on my blog. You said which bird breed is my favourite and why? My favourite is a finch because they are small and easy to bred.

    • I like finches too. They are very noisy, though. What season are you in right now? We are in Spring. I like spring because of everything coming back to life after sleeping through winter. Winter is my favorite season because I tend to always be hot. Tell me what your favorite season is and why?
      Talk to you later,

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